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From the beginning of civilization necessity of measuring various things arises. Weight and mass measurement is one of the necessary things that keep its importance from the ancient time. The traditional weight measuring process are the spring balance, balance scale and other traditional weight including various size container. Modern science and technology introduce up to date weighing scale is simply called the digital scale. The digital scale makes a revolutionary change in the measurement process of mass and weight. Using Lg Super Digital Scale one can get any kind of object the exact, accurate mass and weight within a very short time. From the crowd of various company and brands here we will discuss about details of digital scale.

What is digital scale?

A digital scale is an electronic device that is used for the measurement of weight and mass of any measurable thing. The Digital scale replaces the traditional measurement technology spring balance and balance scale. While the traditional measurement procedure has some deficiency in accurate measurement then digital scale comes as an exact solution of accurate measurement. LG the most popular brand all over the world has launched digital scale to avail the technology to all class of the people.

Lg Super Digital Scale

How it works?

The working principle of digital scale is the strain gauge load cell technology. Here a transducers works as a converter of mechanical force into the electrical signal. While the load is applied in the scale platform as well in the strain gauge surrounded by the load cell then the variation in the resistance convert it as an electrical signal. The variation of resistance is proportional to the mechanical force applied on the platform. Hence the sensitive transducer ensures small variation of mechanical force as that we can measure mass and weight accurately.  

Features of LG super scale?

In these scale you will get lots of features for better and smooth measurement facility. Let’s see the features in LG super digital scale-

-Accuracy in measurement: In digital scale a sensitive transducer is used that is sensitive in small amount of mass. The transducer response in small variation of mass hence the machine ensures the accuracy of mass and weight of the object.

-Large display:  In this digital scale there is a large LED display as that you can see the result easily.

-Durable design: The digital scale has a dynamic and durable design. As that you can choose your flexible design to use in Home, clinic or in your GYM.

-Affordable: This digital scale is comparatively light in weight hence one can easily move it anywhere if necessary.

-Multiple outputs: In this scale there is several output option as that you can get your expected unit in measurement.

-Smart connection: The amazing feature of digital scale is that it has smart connection facilities.  With this you can connect the digital scale and see the result and stored them in your smart phone.

-Tare option: In LG Super digital scale a tare function is added as that you can set the scale at zero after placing the container in the platform. it will help to measure the weigh by subtracting the weight of the container.

-Health analysis: In LG Super digital scale includes body composition analysis. With this you can get the Fat percentage, BMI to get the update condition about your health.

Auto on/off: In these scale there is an auto on/off option through which the machine is automatically on while you set mass on the machine platform. While you remove the mass from the platform then it will automatically shut down. That is effective to save battery life.

Advantage of LG super digital scale:

While you use LG Super digital scale for the measurement of mass and weight then you will get the following advantage:

Faster measurement: With LG super digital scale you can measure the mass and weight within very short time.

Exact value: The LG Super digital scale gives the exact measurement reading through its sensitive transducer.

BMI calculation: you will get the BMI calculation beside the weight.

FAT Percentage: With the LG Super digital scale you will get the percentage of Fat in your body that is necessary for medical purpose.

Easy to use: The digital scale is very simple and very easy to operate.It has user friendly interface.

Units of measurement: In these scale there are several mass units like ounce, grams, pound and kilogram.

Pricing: You can set the unit price in the scale for business purpose as that you will get the product weight with the price from the scale at a time.

Pricing of LG super digital scale:

The price of LG super Digital scale is given here-

LG Super 20kg/1g Digital Scale maximum 20 kg, with 1gram accuracy Pricing is around 1900 BDT.

LG Super 40kg/1g Digital scale with 1 gram accuracy pricing range in around 2100 BDT.

LG Super 100kg/10g-Metal Body (12X17)- Digital Scale Maximum 100 kg with 10 gram accuracy Price in around 3700 BDT.

This pricing is not the fix one it can vary with time. Hence for legal page please stays connected with the official website or visit the dealer points.

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