Madina has been a Bangladeshi brand of digital scale, power tools, Aluminum Ladder, and relevant accessories since 2008. We have also been dealing in Some international Brand power tools, hand tools, and spare parts since the beginning.About For Madina, customer delightment is the most priority to be ensured through providing quality products, in-time delivery & after-sales service. We also foster an in-house culture of great pride through our company values.

Our Values

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Mission & Vision

Accuracy in weight is considered inevitable to people in their daily life. Both consumers & people involved in business feel the demand for the right weight regardless of time & place. Particularly in business, it plays a vital role in achieving prospective success.

Keeping this unchangeable need of human beings in the first place, We, Madina Scale & Co. are determined to serve the people & the country with the right products for actual weight.

With this vision, we continue our efforts to ensure the best quality products with a touch of modernity at affordable prices & services at the right time to your place.

Madina is your brand symbolized with trust & confidence.