Grameen Bazar Digital Scale Price in Bangladesh

In our daily activities we have to measure mass and weight of various objects for personal, professional and health issue. In the ancient time the mass and weight are measured through traditional process like spring balance, balance scale and other process. The traditional weight measuring process was not so accurate and it’s time to complete the measurement process. With the up gradation of science and technology there is a great impact on measurement process through digital scale. With the digital scale the measurement process becomes more accurate and faster. There are various brands and companies marketed digital scale through their own brand name. Here in this content we will discuss about the Grameen Bazar Digital scale feature, specification, advantage and pricing. Stay connected with us through this content.

 About Grameen Bazar Digital scale:

Grameen bazar is an emerging company in Bangladesh.Its launches digital scale for the clients with modern features and facilities. The demand of using digital scale increase day to day hence this Digital scale is designed as per the customer expectation. Grameen Bazar digital scale gives you an exact and convenient solution to remove the difficulties in the traditional weighing process. 

Grameen Bazar Digital Scale
Grameen Bazar Digital Scale

Features of Grameen Bazar digital scale:

Durable design: This digital scale has a dynamic design with various affordable models. It has Stainless steel and iron body which ensure the longevity of the scale. From these two you can choose you suited one. Its dynamic and attractive design is suitable for using in clinic, GYM, and for personal purpose.

Large LCD display: The Larger display of this digital scale allows the user to see the machine reading in a large scale. The larger display screen facilitates to see the result easily for all even weak sighted people from a long distance.  

Accuracy: In these digital scale a sensitive sensor is used that response for small change of mass in its platform. while the small amount of mass is changed then the transducer convert the mechanical force convert into electrical signal hence we get the faster and accurate result.

-Tare function:  Tare function is the amazing option that is used in this digital scale. The tare function allowed you to set the reading at zero while the container is placed at the scale platform. With Tare function you can measure the mass of any object without considering the container weight.

Calibration system:  It has Calibration system that can ensure more accuracy of your measurement.  If you have any confusion about the reading of the scale then you can calibrate the scale by your own to make the result more accurate.

-Affordable: This scale has a dynamic design with light weight and various models. Different model is suitable for various purpose like GYM, clinic, and for personal use. All of the design and categories are suitable to move out as per your need.

-Power:  It scale has rechargeable battery for the power supply in the scale. Once you charged the battery then you will be able to use it anywhere you want till it has charged.

Battery saving:  In Grameen Bazar digital scale there is a auto on off option. This Auto power facility enables the machine to auto power on while the object placed on the platform. While the object is repaced then the power will automatically shut down.

-Overload protection: It is the most effective benefits of Digital scale. While you set over the maximum weight to the machine then it will give beep to remind you that it is not possible to measure through this scale. Hence it is most effective to ensure the longevity of the scale.

-Folding Body: This digital scale has folding body for large scale. you may fold it up to use anywhere and preserve in a small space for transport.


Advantage of Grameen Bazar digital scale:

Here some of the advantage of Grameen Bazat digital scale is given for your kind concern-

-Saves time: Grameen Bazar performs faster compared to all the available digital scale.

-Accuracy: The sensitive transducer provides more accurate reading for mass and weight measurement.

BMI: This digital scale gives BMI calculation directly.

-Fat Percentage: With the Grameen Bazar digital scale one can easily get the body fat percentage directly for health issue.

-Several units: In this digital scale there are several units of weight and mass measurement like ounce, gram, pound and kilogram.

-Pricing button: While you wants to use it in your business purpose then it unit price function makes your task easier. you can set the unit to get the mass or weight with the pricing of products at a time.

Pricing of Grameen Bazar digital scale:

In Grameen bazar digital scale there are several models and size. Depending on the models, size, and maximum weight  capacity as well the specification.  

-Grameen Bazar 20kg/1g Digital Scale maximum 20 kg, with 1gram accuracy Pricing is around 2000 BDT.

-Grameen Bazar 50kg/1g Digital scale with 1 gram accuracy pricing range in around 2200 BDT.

LG Super 100kg/10g-Metal Body Digital Scale Maximum 100 kg with 10 gram accuracy Price in around 4000 BDT.

This is not the fix price rather than a pricing concept. if you want to know the actual price then go to the official website of the company and retailer or dealer points.

If you want to purchase the most popular digital scale then you may choose the online or offline option. While you want to purchase it then you may choose us for comfortable price. We offer genuine product with comparatively lower price. With the comfortable price we offer best one customer service. We have a well-trained customer support team to ensure maximum clients satisfaction. If you have any convenience while using this scale the contact to our 24/7 customer service to resolve the issue instantly. get the digital scale from us and starts you new journey.

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