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In this digital age electronics makes huge change in our daily life. Various electronic devices make many difficult tasks into a simple and easy. Digital weight Scale is one of the amazing inventions of modern science and technology. This digital electronic device is used in measurement of mass and weight. In our daily activities we need measurement for health, business purpose, kitchen ingredients, jewelry business, farming and much other personal and professional issue. This digital weight machine is very easy to use for exact and faster weight measurement. Here in a brief discussion you will get a clear concept about digital weight machine, its category, application, features and benefits of using this device.   

What is a digital weight machine?

From its name it is clear that it a machine or device that operates digitally as well through electronic principle to measure the weight and mass of any object. The digital weight scale works on load cell strain gauge technology. Here the load cell is surrounded by strain gauge that is attached with the platform of measuring scale. While the object placed at the platform of scale due to deformation of strain gauge the load cell convert the mechanical force into the electrical signal through a transducer. It is very sensitive to response for small amount of mass hence the measurement through digital scale is accurate and exact. For the accuracy and faster weight measuring it becomes the popular one.

Digital Weight Machine

Category of digital weight machine:

Based on the size, weight measuring range, use of purpose the digital weight machines are classified into the following categories.

-Body weight machine: This type of digital weight machine is used to measure the body weight. It is most widely used in hospital, clinic, gymnasium, bathroom as well for medical health issue. Body weight machine is also called the bathroom scale.  

-Platform scale: These types of weight machine have a large platform to measure large amount of object. It is most widely used in industry and agricultural purpose.

-Animal weight scale: The digital weight scale that is used for measuring the body weight of animals is simply called the animal weight scale. It is used in veterinary hospitals, farms and wild life preservation.

-Digital hanging scale: It is special kind of scale where the product needs to suspend on a hook for measuring mass and weight. The product that is unable to move on the scale needs the hanging scale for measurement. Fish, small animals, pets, and other types of objects are measured through digital hanging scale.

-Digital jewelry scale: This is small category of scale for accurate measurement of precious metal, gemstone, and other small objects. These types of scale are used in jewelry business, laboratory and research center, education purpose and industry for accuracy and quality control. 

Digital kitchen scale: The digital kitchen scale is used in kitchen purpose. Nowadays the kitchens are so smart where the chefs use digital weight machine to ensure the exact measurement of ingredients to apply for delicious recipe.

Features of Digital Weight Machine:

The digital weight machine has lots of features that make our everyday measurement easier. Let’s see the features of digital weight scale-

-Calibration: In the digital weight scale there is a feature of calibration. With the calibration facility you can calibrate the scale to ensure most accurate measurement.

-Power system: The digital scale can operate through the direct electric power. If necessary the rechargeable battery gives you power back lacking of electricity.

Large display: The digital weight scale has a large display through which you can observe the reading easily.

-Tare function: This function is applicable to consider the mass the container used in measurement. While placing the container you can set the reading into zero and then measure the object mass without the container mass.

-Auto power option: The digital weight scale has Auto power function. This auto power on off option saves the battery life while the device is not in use.

-Several units: The digital weight scale has several units’ measurement facility. You can measure the weight and mass into Kg, Grams, ounce, and pounds as per your need.

Benefits of Digital Weight Machine:

The digital weight machine has many benefits that have a great impact in our daily life.

-Faster measurement: The digital weight machine ensures faster measurement.

-Accurate reading: Most sensitive transducer ensures the accurate reading with decimal fraction.

-LCD or LED Display: It has a bright large display as that you can read the value in vision weakness even in low light conditions.

-Price value: In the digital weight machine there is a price value option. You can calculate the value with the mass through its unit price option.

-Smart connectivity: The most advance benefits of digital scale are that you can connect this device through your smart phone. You can records and storage the values through your smart phone.

Price of digital weight machine in Bangladesh:

The pricing of digital weigh machine in Bangladesh depends on size, brands and weight measurement range. Here some of samples are given.

-Digital body weight machine price range is about the range of 1000 to 5000 BDT.

-Digital platform scale price in the range of 5000 to 50000 BDT.

-Digital hanging scale price range in about the range of 1000 to 10000 BDT.

-Digital jewelry scale price range in the range of 900 to 4000 BDT.

-Digital kitchen scale price range in about the range of 750 to 3500 BDT.

This pricing range is a concept. If you want to purchase the product of a definite brand then go to the official site of the brands to know the actual price or visit the dealer points.

Once you decided to purchase this product from us. We offer the genuine product delivery with a reasonable price. With a efficient customer support team we ensure to resolve any convenience during using this device. Get a digital weight machine and makes your personal and professional simply digital.

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