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Health is wealth. Health is the root of all happiness.  These two words are the universal truths. While some one wants to maintain good health then s/he must have to concern about his BMI as well body mass Index. Body mass index relates to the height and weight of body. For better maintaining of good health we have to check up body weight regularly. For regular and periodic checkup of body weight there is a great importance of a body weight machine.  Here in this content we will some informative information about the body weight machine available near to you in Bangladesh and pricing of various body weight machines.

What is a body weight machine?

The digital body weight machine can be defined as a digital device that is used to measure the body weight of a people for medical purpose and for other house hold as well business purpose. Hence digital scale is used to measure body weight as that one can easily maintain his BMI for to keeps good health. It’s replaces the traditional weighing method with its accurate electrical sensors. This machine enables us to ensure exact and accurate weight of any object like human body weight and other weight measure purpose.

Body Weight Machine

How a body weight machine works?

In this present time machine is in the digital form as that we can get accurate weight compared to the analog scale. Load cell technology makes the weight measuring more accurate. Mainly a transducer is worked to convert the mechanical force by human or other object into the electrical signal to its display. While load is applied in the platform of scale then the transducer converts the corresponding electrical signal. The electrical signal is proportional to the applied mechanical force by body or object. The process of transforming mechanical force into proportional electrical signal is takes a very short moment as that we can get a instant result in the display of digital body weight machine.

Category of body weight machine:  

Based on the working function and facility available in this machine are categorized into two categories. These are-

Basic digital body weight machine:

This machine contains a simple LCD display with a facility to measure weight in Kilogram and pound unit. It is the most affordable machine compared to another category. Its measuring capability belongs to maximum 180 kg or 400 pounds.

Advance digital body weight machine:

By the name of this category it arises that it contains some advance features and technologies. It’s really; the Advance machine has amazing features like fat measurement, BMI calculation with Bluetooth connectivity facility. Bluetooth connectivity makes it smart as that one can easily operate and get the measurement through wireless connection easier and faster from anywhere in the range. With this advance digital machine you can measure up to 500 pounds as well 225 kg.   

Features of digital body weight machine:

There are lots of benefits of this machine in our daily life. Some of the advantages are entitled for your kind attention.

Auto on/off: it is the most amazing advantage of this machine to save battery. While you put your steps to its platform then it will automatically switch on and while get off then it will automatically turn off.

Large LCD display: It’s contains a large LCD display. With large LCD display the measured value shows in large form as that one can easily read this.

– Range: This machine has a wide range of measuring weight up to 500 pounds as well 225 kg which is suitable for measuring the body weights of all category people.

– Fat measurement: In advance machine this fat measurement features is included to measure the body fat percentage through bioelectrical impedance analysis.

BMI calculation: one of the amazing features of advance machine is that it can represent your BMI data.

– Bluetooth connectivity: The up to date features of this machine is that you can connect and operate this machine from your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

Benefits of digital body weight machine:

Faster measuring facility: With this machine you can complete the measurement in a very fast time.

More accuracy: It is the most important task in measurement. With this machine you can measure the value with more accuracy.

Easy to use: It is very easy to use for measuring weight.

Affordable: it is comparatively affordable to other weight measuring process.

Price of Digital weight machine in Bangladesh:

Pricing of this machine depends on brands, category, weight capacity and available features. Here some concept of price is enlisted for you-

  • Mechanical body weight machine pricing range is 1500 to 3000 BDT.
  • Digital body weight machine pricing range is 2000 to 10000 BDT.
  • Smart body weight machine with Bluetooth connectivity pricing range is 5000 to 15000 BDT.

The above range is just an estimation which is varies upon brand, company and sales agency. If you are conscious about health then body,this is an essential need for you. For your personal and medical purpose you can purchase this machine.  If you want to purchase this machine then there is an option of online and offline purchasing. For online purchasing there are many options available in website. You have to choose one the best fitted site for purchasing this machine. here you can chose our site or physical shop for  purchasing for the following reason-

  •  Best quality: here you will get best quality product.
  •  Genuine product: we ensure genuine product from company.
  •  Reasonable price: we offer reasonable price compared to other.
  •  Long time service guarantee: we have 24/7 customer service to ensure long time service.

Hence get your machine from us and stay fit and safe. Best wishes!

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