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The person who pleases soul is one who serves god. Every live is similar important to us as if it is human or animal. Animal plays a significant role in our daily life. We take cares of animals as it is our pet, domestic, Zoo and farms.  Especially wild life animals are so important for our mental pleasures. Health is the valuable issue for every life and it is similar to maintain the good health of the animals that are surrounded by us. Body weight is the major indicator to maintain good health. Although there are several types of scale for human to record body weight but animal body weigh measuring scale is similar important. Here in this content we will discuss about the animal body weight scale, category, advantage, features and pricing concept. Let’s do it.

What is Animal weight scale?

Animal weight scale is specially designed scale to measure the body for the animals. The animal weight could not smoothly measure through the usual digital scale. Animal weighing scale is often called the livestock scale. Animal weight scale is the important to record the body weight of animal to maintain health issue consciously. With health issue it is also important to analyze the body growth rate, nutritional status and medical conditions of animals. Animal weight scale is a necessary tool for the veterinarians, farmers, wildlife professionals and other purpose.

Category of Animal weight scale:  

The animal weight scales have several categories based on the specific purpose, size and capacity of scales. The categories are as follows- 

Platform scale:  Platform scale has a large platform based on its name. It has large range measuring capability. Platform scale is used for the large animal like cow, horse and other similar type’s animal of larger size. While the platform scale has large and flat hence the animal like cow, pig, horse and other cattle can easily stand on it.  It is a tough task to move large cattle to the weighing scale but if you have platform scale then it is simple.

Animal Weight Scale

Hanging scale:  From the name of these types of scale it is clear that it has a hook that needs to suspend from a strong source. There is an adjustable strap and plastic buckles to suspend your pets and livestock’s under the hooks for measurement. With the adjustable straps and buckles you can tie your animals to prevent the movement and fallen down from the scale during weight measurement. The hanging scale is most widely used to measure the weight of Poultry, livestock’s and pets.

Crate Scales: The crate scale includes a crate with the scale to measure the animal weight. Crate or cage on the weighing scale has unlocked facility for the animal into it through its sliding doors. The crate or cage has four folding doors from which you can set your suitable one for entering the animals into it. It is the smooth weight measuring scale in which you don’t have to face any stress to measure the animal weight. This is the best suited scale for animal hospitals, clinic, farms and zoo to measure the weight without handle or move to the scale.

Features of Animal scale:

In Animal weight scale there are lots of features some of enclosed for your kind concern-

-Overload prevention: In this weight scale there is an option of overload prevention. While you place a weight out its maximum range then there is a beep signal given for your attention. with this features you can choose your desire range scale for your perspective. Beside this it will prevent your device from damage due to overload.

-Dynamic design: The animal weight scales have a smart and dynamic design. The designs are based on the animal size types of animals as that the animals can stand or moved to the scale smoothly.

-Mobility: The animal weight scales are easily movable. Heavy scales have wheels as that one can easily move it where it is needed. Beside the large scale the small and medium scales are light in weight and compact design for easy shifting.

-Clear Display: In this scale there is a large LCD or LED display. With the large display screen the reading can take while the user has weakness in vision.

-Calibration: In these weight scale the calibration function ensures the maximum accuracy of the reading.

Accuracy: In animal weight scale there is a most sensitive transducer to convert the mechanical force into electric signal. This mass sensitivity ensures the accuracy of the scale.

Application of animal weight scale:

The animal weight scale has a wide range of application in veterinary, clinic, farms, zoo, wild life preservation and other purpose some of them are describes here.

-Dose accuracy: The treatment of animals depends of body weight. Hence you can ensure the exact dose for the animals.

-Body growth: Animal weight scale provides the routine wise body weight of the animals. From the analysis of the body weight of animals you can estimate a body growth of the animals.

-Resource management: Resource management is necessary for any profitable organization. while you have the track record of body weight of animals then you can manage the food weight ratio for the animals properly.

Pricing of Animals weight scale:

The pricing of animals weight scale depends on the brands, company and capacity of weight measuring. The pricing in online varies on time and occasions. If you are decided to purchase the product from online then you are suggested to visit the official website of the supplier company. While you want to purchase from the physical shop then visit our dealer points.

While there are several companies to supplying the animal weight scale then you may choose our company at your top priority. If you want to get the genuine product with reasonable price then contact us. We have a strong customer support team and while the genuine product is only available in our company then collect your genuine product. Best of luck!

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